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Announcing F5® iWorkflow™

F5's Programmability & Orchestration team is pleased to announce the release of iWorkflow 2.0. Today, May 17th, marks the beginning of your application delivery “doing-more-in-less-time” journey!


Why should you care?

Delays cost money. They might be delays in releasing software to employees and customers, or delays in responding to infrastructure changes–planned or unplanned. Whichever the circumstance, any inhibitor to business execution is an operational expense to be eliminated.

Manual configuration exposes risk. Whether configuring devices via administrative GUI’s, or via command-line interfaces, the more steps involved the greater the chance of error. Alleviating administrators of numerous individual steps greatly reduces exposure to operational risk.

Architectural complexity inhibits business agility. Having operations staff manage numerous toolsets across multiple platforms stifles deeper understanding. A simplified approach, defined by policy instead of devices, can drive agility by being applied easily across hybrid architecture: traditional, private cloud and public cloud.

Focused on these three areas of operational pain, with iWorkflow, we bring you solutions.


What is it?

F5® iWorkflow™ accelerates the deployment of applications and services, simplifies architecture, and reduces exposure to operational risk. Available as a virtual appliance, iWorkflow™ is a multi-tenant platform for deploying application delivery policy into any BIG-IP environment. For greatest operational flexibility, policy may be deployed via both the iWorkflow Web Interface and via the iControl REST API.

To learn more about the architecture, follow the iWorkflow 101 Series, here! Next episode, “The Architecture Explained”.



Who’s it for?

iWorkflow™ is for anyone interested in:

  • the rapid deployment of performance, high-availability, and security policy at the speed of business
  • the simplification of policy execution through the abstraction of complexity 
  • reduced exposure to operational risk that comes with manual, device-centric administration


Where can you get it?

Available mid-June, you can download it here: https://downloads.f5.com



Get Started

iWorkflow is all about stitching together your workflows. iWorkflow eliminates the need to manage and execute individual commands and functions but, without relinquishing control of fine grained policy. Get started by visiting the iWorkflow DevCentral Wiki Page and following the iWorkflow 101 series.

Published May 17, 2016
Version 1.0

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