iApp – Great Customer Response

Last week we held our launch event for the EMEA International Technology Center in London. It was a two day event in which we hosted seventy customers the first day and fifty partners the second. We gave facilities tours, explained our services, the goals of the facility and we also got a chance to show off some of F5’s new and innovative technologies. Of course one technology we highlighted was iApp.

The feedback was terrific and the results speak for themselves……in just the first 24hrs we have scheduled ten new engagements as a result of the event and the product demonstrations. What is truly remarkable and powerful is that 9 out of 10 engagements are interested in learning more about iApps!

F5’s focus on ADC’s role in application lifecycle management is truly revolutionary and it is so rewarding to see and hear about it’s value to our customers.

Photo: Left-Erik Giesa, VP Product Management & Product Marketing / Right-John McAdam F5’s President & CEO.

Published Dec 14, 2011
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