iApp – And the audience gasped!

#iApp #v11 Time for some customer evidence!

Last week F5 hosted our International Sales Conference. The whole company is invited to the general session at which our senior execs talk about the year in review and our vision for the future. iApp was discussed multiple times, but my favorite part was during the Product Development demonstration that showed how in just a few easy steps our device was configured to accelerate, secure and provide availability for an application. The whole thing took under two minutes and when complete, the audience gasped and burst into applause!

The PME team hosted multiple iApp technical training sessions at the conference. Each session filled up quick. The interest and response was overwhelming! Unfortunately I was not able to attend the training this time, but I heard it went very well. iApp has only been available for a short while, but in each session there was at least one person that had an example of a customer that was upgrading to leverage it to increase their efficiency.

One customer had spent a week trying to get their Exchange environment running before they downloaded v11 and ran through the iApp. They were up and running in under five minutes!

There was even an example of a customer opening a support case when they were running into issues with deploying a new application. The support engineer removed their broken application configuration, provided them the iApp and the customer was up and running.

It is so rewarding to see how the hard work and innovation of folks in our organization can make such huge positive impacts to our customers!

Published Nov 18, 2011
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