I don't want free internet


I've just returned from a stay-over in Brussels. Great meetings with some talented minds, topped by one of the best Italian restaurants outside of Italy. While I didn't get to see the cool parts of the city, only the business park and the route to and from the Eurostar, there was something that stood out. The 'free' internet connectivity.

It was readily available, this 'free' internet, which sounds like a binary utopia. And that would be fine, should a binary rush be all I desired. 1, 0, 1, look, another 1. But these 'free' sources I tried delivered the poorest connectivity I've seen since dialup. Granted, my journey was not worthy of a satisfactory sample group for wide review but should I accept that I was simply unlucky? I think not. When it comes to connectivity I don't want to rely on luck. In fact, I don't want to go places that aren't connected. Not unless I'm there to get a tan!

Those who know me well will have definitely heard my rants about the poor connectivity in London. I humbly apologise. I pay for the moderate connectivity I get in London but it sure beats the 'free' internet that was poor enough to mark my memory of the recent journey.

I don't want 'free' connectivity. I want good connectivity. Had there been an option to pay for a better service I would have. I can only assume that quality of service was not included in the business decision to give, what one might argue as being, 'nothing' away.

Published Dec 20, 2012
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