F5 Terraform providers – Helping to implement Infrastructure as Code

The popularity and growth of infrastructure as a code (IaC) the last couple years has been a market trend that has impacted how we manage and implement infrastructure.  It makes it easy to consume, expand, migrate, and shut down services. Sense developers are more comfortable writing code, the advantage of IaC puts the infrastructure specifications into code, without the barrier of acquiring new skills or knowledge. With Terraform providers for F5 BIG-IP you can use automation to create, change and version their own infrastructure with ease and efficiency.

While it has many advantages, if not implemented properly, Infrastructure as a code can also expose new security risks and attack vectors from both internal and external sources:

  • More code, versions, and assets to manage - making things easier to consume, creates an increase in complexity. Breaking manual and legacy processes and leaving room for human error.
  • People can make critical mistakes - IaC enables people to consume resources, sharing them and creating new innovations! Some it is also prone not to follow security best practices,  policies and leaving room for attackers to obtain critical information.
  • Errors can be costly - IaC is accelerates the delivery of infrastructure services, also replicating the errors and misconfigurations of those services.

At F5 we help reduce time to market and get control of IaC deployments with Terraform resources for our solutions.

  • Enforce controls - with version management, having one source of truth and using standardized providers and resources.
  • DevOps and NetOps can Enforce security controls, best practices, and configurations.
  • Human-readable configuration helps the DevOps and NetOps write infrastructure code quickly.
  • Track resource changes into deployments – preventing configuration drift.
  • Agentless configuration


Providing innovations and helping into the journey of digital transformation, we are happy to announce our new Terraform providers for F5OS!




Our Terraform Provider for F5OS will help automate configurations and interactions with F5 VELOS and F5 rSeries appliances. F5OS is the OS running on F5 VELOS and F5 rSeries.


Our documentation of Terraform Provider for F5OS:




Updated Jul 12, 2023
Version 2.0

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