F5 SIRT response to the Ukraine crisis

As a company dedicated to cybersecurity, F5 closely monitors reports of any cyber activity associated with the conflict and stands ready to assist anyone who comes under cyberattack. F5 provides this assistance through F5 SIRTF5 Distributed Cloud Services, and F5 Silverline Managed Security Services.

F5 has witnessed an expansion of DDoS attacks against infrastructure and media outlets, attempts to deliver malware to end-user devices (these are commonly delivered through phishing or spear-phishing attacks), web defacement in support of one side of the conflict, and several misinformation and disinformation campaigns delivered through electronic means such as email and SMS messages.

To read the full F5 SIRT response, go to K42406850: F5 SIRT response to the Ukraine crisis. This article includes information about operational readiness, security posture, mitigation against various cyberattacks, and links to other important resources to help keep your systems and organizations safe.

Updated Mar 03, 2022
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