F5 Services in a CI/CD pipeline

Speed up the delivery of new services (time to market), decrease OPEX are examples of why customers are investing in automation and orchestration.
This has an impact on all the layers involved in the delivery of a service, infrastructure included.

As a solution architect working at F5, i spend a fair amount of time with customers to discuss how we can handle F5 services lifecycle with Automation and orchestration tools. Customers want to make sure that any technology they acquire can be orchestrated and won't be an inhibitor to their projects. 

In the video below, I will show you how you can tie F5 services to the lifecycle of an application. 

For this demo, I used the F5 automation toolchain. The F5 automation toolchain allows our customer to deploy easily 
and quicky F5 application services via a declarative API interface. AS3 (Application Services 3) is the extension i 
used to deploy the service on top of our F5 platform running as software (Virtual Machine). 

Everything related to this demo is available here. It contains enough
scripts/information for anyone to reproduce this demo and learn more about how to consume F5 services in a CI/CD pipeline. 

You can find more information here regarding the F5 automation toolchain: 
* Overview
* Whitepaper 
* Technical documentation
* Download the F5 automation toolchain

Published Mar 25, 2019
Version 1.0

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