F5 Reinvents Application Delivery in the Cloud

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Cloud, in all its forms, remains a trend of top strategic importance to organizations across every size, shape and vertical. The importance of hybrid is based largely on the reality that organizations are adopting and migrating to all of the varying cloud models, resulting in the need to manage and orchestrate application services and apps across multiple environments and architectures.

Migrating apps to a cloud environment does  not alleviate accountability for performance, or security, or availability. Services that assist in providing for these critical facets of delivering applications remain. So, too, does the fact that said services are more often than not deployed using application delivery solutions such as app proxies or application delivery controllers.

F5 is in the business of delivering application services, whether those services reside in the cloud or on-premise. Its High Performance Services Fabric - one of the three key components of F5 Synthesis - can easily be extended into cloud environments such as AWS to ensure organizations have the means to deploy and consistently manage the application services needful to ensure fast, secure and available application experiences.

That's why we're excited to share with you that we'll now be offering ALL our utility-based BIG-IP services as a free 30-day trail. Yes, ALL.

And to really sweeten the deal, we'll also be offering an AWS Test Drive of BIG-IP® for SharePoint. This AWS Test Drive provides a 30 day proof-of-concept environment using F5 availability, performance and security services with a SharePoint 2013 server. Load balancing, SSL offloading and additional security layers such as web application and application firewalling are included in the test drive to ensure an optimal and secure user experience. 

You'll recall I noted that application delivery solutions include both app proxies and application delivery controllers like BIG-IP. That means app proxies, too, must be as comfortable in a cloud environment like AWS as in the data center.

And that is why we're delighted to also announce the availability of LineRate Amazon EC2 beta. With its programmable data path (node.js), exceptionally flexible REST API, simple management, awesome load balancing and SSL offload capabilities (including blazing fast ECC), LineRate makes for an excellent choice if you're in need of an app proxy in the cloud or in the data center - or both.

If you're at AWS re:Invent Las Vegas, stop by the booth (#303) or the AWS Showroom on Tuesday Nov 11 or Wednesday Nov 12 from 7am to 1pm for an expert driven AWS Test Drive of BIG-IP® for SharePoint.

And follow along on Twitter @f5networks and @AWSreinvent.

Published Nov 12, 2014
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