F5 Intelligent DNS Services Demonstration – Overview

I have a treat for you. The team from New Zealand has put together five short video demos around F5’s DNS security services. Matt Taylor and Per Bo Nielsen will walk you through a supercool iApp demo for DNS and then show you how to test its resiliency using tools such as JMeter and Splunk.

Video 1 – F5 Intelligent DNS Services – Overview

In this first video, the overview, Matt looks at the problems of the existing DNS infrastructure. How they can be made to participate in reflection attacks or fall victim to cache poisoning. The typical solution is throw more money at the problem, but Matt show's a better way with the F5 Intelligent DNS Delivery Architecture. Finally Matt walks us through how F5' DNS stack works, explaining key points in the system architecture as he goes.

iApp: Intelligent DNS Services Demonstration

Complete Series:

Intelligent DNS Services: Overview
Demo 1: Server Load Balancing, Visibility & Control
Demo 2: Offloading Resolver Functions
Demo 3: Systemwide Security Defenses
Demo 4: Source Address IP Security
Published Dec 18, 2014
Version 1.0

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