F5 Intelligent DNS Services Demo 3: System-wide security defenses

Continuing the series of five short videos showcasing the power of F5’s intelligent DNS services.

In this meaty third demonstration video, F5's Matt Taylor demonstrates how the F5 Intelligent DNS Services provide the defense for both DNS requests and responseses. He shows how the iApp can be configured to examine different attributes of a request or flood of requests, including:

  • Source IP address compliance
  • Contextually disallowed request filtering
  • RFC compliance confirmation
  • Anomalous traffic volumes (network DDoS)
  • Anomalous request volume handling (DNS DDoS)
  • Suspicious request handling

Matt shows how to use the iApp's secdtion on 'DNS System Wide Security' to configure the defenses for each.

iApp: Intelligent DNS Services Demonstration

Complete Series:

Intelligent DNS Services: Overview
Demo 1: Server Load Balancing, Visibility & Control
Demo 2: Offloading Resolver Functions
Demo 3: Systemwide Security Defenses
Demo 4: Source Address IP Security
Published Jan 05, 2015
Version 1.0

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