F5 Intelligent DNS Services Demo 1: Server LB, Visibility and Control

Continuing the series of five short videos showcasing the power of F5’s intelligent DNS services.


In this demonstration video, F5's Matt Taylor sets up the demo. He introduces the F5 Intelligent DNS Services iApp which will simplify the configuration for the rest of the videos. The setup includes health checking, server load balancing, logging and analytics. He then shows how to use use JMeter to send a mix of good and bad traffic through the application and use the analytics to block a malicious user.

iApp: Intelligent DNS Services Demonstration

Complete Series:

Intelligent DNS Services: Overview
Demo 1: Server Load Balancing, Visibility & Control
Demo 2: Offloading Resolver Functions
Demo 3: Systemwide Security Defenses
Demo 4: Source Address IP Security
Published Dec 22, 2014
Version 1.0

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