F5 iApp Eases IBM Maximo Deployments for LTM and WAM Customers

Maximo Asset management has been a focus for F5 Networks for the past year as we’ve found it to be an underserved segment of our customers.  In the course of almost exactly one year, we have taken our Maximo solutions from zero to having the full suite of information that will enable administrators and business professionals to make a decision and deploy F5 BIG-IP with Maximo.  One of the last items on my list was to take our deployment guidance and turn it into an iApp.  With the release of BIG-IP Version 11.2 this week, I’ve published the iApp for everyone to use. 

The iApp allows users to easily deploy Local Traffic Manager (LTM) and Web Accelerator (WAM), by just answering several questions.  I hope this is going to be useful to the Maximo community and I look forward to feedback.  The link to all of the Maximo assets (*grin*) we have, including the new iApp, are here:


* Maximo iApp on F5 DevCentral (Free registration and login required).

* 5 minute video describing the deployment of BIG-IP with Maximo.

* Maximo Deployment Guide (Step-by-step instructions on deployment Maximo with F5 BIG-IP LTM, WAM, WOM and APM).

* Maximo Solution Profile (Two page high level description of F5’s solutions with IBM Maximo).

* Maximo Application Ready Solution Guide (In-depth analysis, including test results, on how F5 can improve the user experience for Maximo users).

Published Jun 15, 2012
Version 1.0

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