F5 BIG-IP Edge Portal – End of Support and End of Availability Announcement

F5 BIG-IP Edge Portal will not be supported on iOS 11 and on Android 8

F5 BIG-IP Edge Portal will no longer be supported and will no longer be available on Apple App Store and will not be available on Google Play store based on dates provided in Table 1. 

Table 1 denotes all of the support dates as they relate to F5 BIG-IP Edge Portal.

Table 1. End-of-Support and Availability Dates for the F5 Networks BIG-IP Edge Portal v1.0.2 for Android and F5 Networks BIG-IP Edge Portal v.1.0.3

End of Support & End of Availability Announcement

F5 announces end of support and availability for the BIG-IP Edge Portal feature set.

June 23, 2017

End of Availability in App Stores

F5 BIG-IP Edge Portal will not be available for download in both Apple and Google App Stores. Please note that while BIG-IP Edge Portal may still be available in the Apple and Google App Stores until July 1, 2018 it will not be compatible with iOS 11 and Android 8 going forward.

July 1, 2017

End of Software Development (EoSD)

Applicable to both platforms and software releases, Platform EoSD is the date that F5 Product Development has ceased considering the repair/maintenance of confirmed software/firmware defects for the designated platform.

July 1, 2017

End of Technical Support (EoTS)

F5 will no longer accept technical support calls once all the EoTS dates have been passed for the platform, product, and software version. 

F5 will offer customer access to software updates on a reasonable best effort basis to address remote security vulnerabilities for related software releases until the EoTS date.

July 1, 2018



Product Migration Options

Customers can use F5 Access for iOS and F5 Access for Android to establish a VPN connection and use the webtop (web portal).  Another alternative includes using per app VPN or Google Android for Work with F5 Access for iOS and F5 Access for Android with F5’s partners that provide Enterprise Mobility Management/Mobile Device Management solution.

Published Jul 07, 2017
Version 1.0

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  • Hello.


    Thank you for EoS information.


    I have simple question.


    I searched for the same content from the AskF5 document, however I couldn't found it.


    Why is not this announcement on AskF5?



  • You are correct, there isn't an easily identified notice about this on AskF5. We will bring this up with the Support team to ensure important product information is promoted and reflected in the F5 EOL KB article on AskF5.


  • Note that this is for the Android and iOS "Apps" that are named "Edge Portal", the Portal Access features of APM will continue to be supported.


    Regards Mike