ExternalDNS for NGINX Ingress Controller Using F5 CIS with BIG-IP DNS

ExternalDNS is a recently added CRD (custom resource definition) that allows for dynamic control of DNS records via Kubernetes. Using this, you're able to automatically update DNS records for ingress IP addresses in cases where you need to failover sites or move clusters.

This was written about and a video was shared in the following article. Configuring ExternalDNS for Kubernetes with F5 CIS, LTM and DNS 

This previous article leverages BIG-IP with Container Ingress Services as the Ingress for the Kubernetes environment.

As NGINX Ingress Controller is another ingress option, Mark Dittmer, Sr. Product Management Engineer at F5, has once again created an example configuration to share how this can be configured when an F5 BIG-IP LTM is load balancing to NGINX Ingress Controller. Again, F5 DNS will control the DNS resolution with Wide IP's defined by the ExternalDNS CRD. The F5 IPAM is also utilized in order to retrieve an IP address in this solution.

He includes a repo here

And a video walkthrough here


Published Jan 31, 2022
Version 1.0

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