DevCentral Relaunch Commencing

The last few years here at DevCentral we've seen fantastic growth and it's thanks to all of you! We've talked with you at industry events, on the streets, at user groups, and online in the community. Your message is loud and clear. You want more. We're getting ready to do just that and here's what you'll see coming very soon.

Changing Launch Platforms

To meet your global needs and provide new and supportable capabilities, we decided to change platforms. That's a big undertaking especially since we made the crazy and obvious decision to bring along all of the content with us. That's right, we're bringing what makes DevCentral great along with us.

We're bringing over:

  • All of the articles
  • All of your questions and answers
  • Your fantastic codeshare repository
  • All of you, our users and your DevPoints
  • Your user-to-content relationships - this one was tough, but we made it

A community is only as good as its members, so our first responsibility was preserving your contributions on our new platform. To offer anything less would be a disservice to you and your participation. Thank you for being part of what makes DevCentral great.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

The primary goal with our platform switch was to ensure a successful content migration, but that's no fun without some improvements to the user interface. We worked at improving your engagement with questions, codeshare, and with each other. Out of the gate you'll see:

  • Content preferences to tailor your home page experience
  • Preset filters to get you content you want to read
  • More content per page
  • Improved replying and interaction in questions
  • Improved User Profile with better following & bookmarking features
  • Private user messaging (that works)
  • And so much more...

We could keep going but it's easier to say we improved the DevCentral experience from top to bottom and we'll continue to do so with your feedback and our thanks.

Flight Inspection Team Is Proceeding to The Launch Pad

The DevCentral team is hard at work in our last phase of verification and are excited to show you what we'e been working on. We will follow up with you regarding how we're going to manage API documentation next week but won't stop there. This whole process and program from start to finish is for you and thanks to you the DevCentral Community. We'll continue to do great things together and are quite excited to keep on growing.

Main Engine Start in T Minus....

Published May 08, 2019
Version 1.0

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  • I'm glad I dint say Can't wait.... Because this is a nightmare... The fundamentals of transition we're never considered here. A bad transition I'd say.

  • Gahh.. so bad It made me actually find this post and comment.... Most specific topic Search engine results are leading to 404s... your login cookie experience fails big time.. (if they exist). My workflow is seriously affected by this change... I mean, it's your website.. you can do what you want with it, but I'm just saying this has seriously messed up my mojo at work over the past week or two. The UI, is okay.. and Im sure its based on some neat new tech that your Devs wanted to use. its fine... Problem is, you're taking what I consider a major service interruption in the name of making your dev team and turtle necks happy... Some friendly food for thought for next time.