Demos, danger and discussion at #RSAC 2014

Everyone who is anyone in #infosec will be at the RSA 2014 conference next week, right? That is, unless they are the counterculture conference held by the new rebel alliance but that’s a whole other story. But either way, you’ll be there in San Francisco.

F5 is showing live demonstrations of new security solutions at the booth. We’re hoping that these show the depth of our dedication to helping to protect our customers and their businesses.

Four live Security Demonstrations!

  • High-performance IDS Integration with F5 –Everyone’s been marveling at us and Cisco playing nicely in the media. Well here’s a demo that shows F5 and Cisco SourceFire playing nicely in a datacenter.
  • DDoS Protection – Our DDoS experts will be onsite discussing how to use on-premises equipment to test and protect the resilience of your network applications with Ixia and F5.
  • Secure Web Gateway Services – This demo will show how our new forward-proxy solution integrates malware and URL categorization at a single point of control, and then goes beyond to handle viral videos, Netflix streaming and special exceptions for online banking.
  • Web Fraud Protection – Remember how we bought another security startup last year? In this debut, we’ll be rocking a demo that showcases F5’s new anti-fraud solution which protects usernames and passwords from spear phishing, malware, and automated transactions.

Come see the demos at the F5 booth – if you need a pass to get in, here’s a free code to get on to the exposition floor! It’s free access, but you must register by Friday, the 21st, so get on it!

Click here to get an RSA Exposition Floor Passcode

If it's your first time at RSA, we highly recommend taking a whirl around the floor to collect the swag, have some good chats, and see all the new products coming out to the market. It’s a great chance to get some one-on-one time with technical experts from multiple companies (after you get past the booth babes). Once your feet are tired and you’re ready for a relaxing beverage, check out the chill out party we are hosting with Fishnet!

F5 and FishNet Happy Hour!

When: 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Tuesday, Feb. 25th
Where: Thirsty Bear Brewing Co, 661 Howard Street, San Francisco

Register here or at the door of the Thirsty Bear to attend.


If you have any questions the demonstrations or anything related to security or networking, come by the F5 booth at RSA, or the Thirsty Bear and ask me or any of the other F5 security staff.

See you at RSA!

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Published Feb 19, 2014
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