CloudFucius Shares: Cloud Research and Stats

Sharing is caring, according to some and with the shortened week, CloudFucius decided to share some resources he’s come across during his Cloud exploration in this abbreviated post.  A few are aged just to give a perspective of what was predicted and written about over time.

Some Interesting Cloud Computing Statistics (2008)

Mobile Cloud Computing Subscribers to Total Nearly One Billion by 2014 (2009)

Server, Desktop Virtualization To Skyrocket By 2013: Report (2009)

Gartner: Brace yourself for cloud computing (2009)

A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing (2009)

Cloud computing belongs on your three-year roadmap (2009)

Twenty-One Experts Define Cloud Computing (2009)

5 cool cloud computing research projects (2009)

Research Clouds (2010)

Cloud Computing Growth Forecast (2010)

Cloud Computing and Security - Statistics Center (2010)

Cloud Computing Experts Reveal Top 5 Applications for 2010 (2010)

List of Cloud Platforms, Providers, and Enablers 2010 (2010)

The Cloud Computing Opportunity by the Numbers (2010)

Governance grows more integral to managing cloud computing security risks, says survey (2010)

The Cloud Market EC2 Statistics (2010)

Experts believe cloud computing will enhance disaster management (2010)

Cloud Computing Podcast (2010)

Security experts ponder the cost of cloud computing (2010)

Cloud Computing Research from Business Exchange (2010)

Just how green is cloud computing? (2010)

Senior Analyst Guides Investors Through Cloud Computing Sector And Gives His Top Stock Winners (2010)

Towards Understanding Cloud Performance Tradeoffs Using Statistical Workload Analysis and Replay (2010)

…along with F5’s own Lori MacVittie who writes about this stuff daily.

And one from Confucius: Study the past if you would define the future.


The CloudFucius Series: Intro, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


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Published Jun 01, 2010
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