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It’s that time of year when we gift and re-gift, just like this text.  And the perfect opportunity to re-post, re-purpose and re-use all my 2012 blog entries.  If you missed any of the approximately 130 blogs including 73 videos, here they are wrapped in one simple entry.  I read somewhere that lists in blogs are good.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year.

The Top 10, Top 10 2013 Predictions

Security’s FUD Factor

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out…

Holiday Shopping SmartPhone Style

SharePoint Conference 2012: The Video Outtakes

SPC12 Special Features 'Radio Killed the Privacy Star' Music Video?

SharePoint Conference 2012: That's a Wrap

SharePoint Conference 2012 Partner Spotlight – The SCE Group

SharePoint Conference 2012: Secure Remote Access & SSO with BIG-IP APM

SharePoint Conference 2012: Configuring SharePoint on BIG-IP

SharePoint Conference 2012: Gimme 90 Seconds with James Hendergart

SharePoint Conference 2012: Find F5

In 5 Minutes or Less: BIG-IP ASM & Cenzic Scanner

BYOD Policies – More than an IT Issue Part 5: Trust Model

BYOD Policies – More than an IT Issue Part 4: User Experience and Privacy

BYOD Policies – More than an IT Issue Part 3: Economics

BYOD Policies – More than an IT Issue Part 2: Device Choice

BYOD Policies – More than an IT Issue Part 1: Liability

The Evolution of Trade Show Badges

Oracle OpenWorld 2012: The Video Outtakes

Oracle OpenWorld 2012: That’s a Wrap

Oracle OpenWorld 2012: BIG-IP Optimizing Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle OpenWorld 2012: BIG-IP APM Integration - Oracle Access Manager

Oracle OpenWorld 2012: BIG-IP Integration with Product Development

Oracle OpenWorld 2012: BIG-IP ASM and Oracle Database Firewall Integration

Oracle OpenWorld 2012: BIG-IP Solutions for Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle OpenWorld 2012: Gimmie 90 Seconds

Oracle OpenWorld 2012: Find F5

MEC2012 – The Video Outtakes

MEC 2012 – That’s a Wrap

MEC 2012 - Load Balancing Exchange Interview with Jaap Wesselius

MEC 2012 – Configuring Exchange on BIG-IP

MEC 2012 - F5 Security Solutions for TMG EoL

MEC 2012–F5 Network Virtualization Solution

MEC 2012 - Gimme 90 Seconds

MEC 2012 - Exchange Migration Service

MEC 2012 – F5 and Microsoft

MEC 2012–Find F5

Hybrid–The New Normal

BIG-IP Edge Client 2.0.2 for Android

SmartTV, Smartphones and Fill-in-the-Blank Employees

VMworld2012: The Video Bloopers

VMworld2012: That’s a Wrap

VMworld2012: vSphere, vCloud & SDN with Charlie Cano

VMworld2012: Breakout Session MacBook Pro Winner Dennis Lauder

VMworld2012: vCloud Ecosystem Framework with Lori MacVittie

VMworld2012: VMware View Single Namespace

VMworld2012: VMware View Username Persistence

VMworld 2012: VMware Ready Program

Aloha VMworld 2012: Find F5

From Car Jacking to Car Hacking

The Venerable Vulnerable Cloud

Parking Ticket Privacy

F5 Agility Summit 2012 - The DevCentral Community

F5 Agility Summit 2012 - Infoblox

F5 Agility Summit 2012 - Splunk

F5 Agility Summit 2012 - Welcome to New York

In 5 Minutes or Less - Enterprise Manager v3.0

Bait Phone

The Mighty Memo

Multiscreen Multitasking

Infographic: Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime

BIG-IP Edge Client v1.0.4 for iOS

Dreaming of Work

Cloud vs Cloud

In 5 Minutes or Less Video - IP Intelligence Service

Will BYOL Cripple BYOD?

The Exec-Disconnect on IT Security

The Changing Security Threat Landscape Infographic

The Cloud Impact and Adoption Infographic

FedRAMP Ramps Up

Invasion of Privacy - Mobile App Infographic Style

The Cloud’s Hidden Costs

What’s in Your Smartphone?

F5 Agility Summit 2012 - Welcome to Shanghai

Interop 2012–The Video Outtakes

Interop 2012–That’s a Wrap

Interop 2012 - F5 in the Interop NOC Statistics

Interop 2012 - Interview with Brian Monkman of ICSA Labs

Interop 2012 - Splunk Reports for BIG-IP Data Center Firewall with Danny Luedke

Interop 2012 - F5 & HP Partnership with Jeff Stathatos

Interop 2012 - F5 Technical Certification Program with Ken Salchow

Interop 2012 - Application Delivery Optimization with F5's Lori MacVittie

Interop 2012 - F5 in the Interop NOC

Interop 2012 - Find F5 Networks Booth 2137

Interop 2012

Complying with PCI DSS–Part 6: Maintain an Information Security Policy

Complying with PCI DSS–Part 5: Regularly Monitor and Test Networks

Complying with PCI DSS–Part 4: Implement Strong Access Control Measures

Complying with PCI DSS–Part 3: Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program

Complying with PCI DSS–Part 2: Protect Cardholder Data

Complying with PCI DSS–Part 1: Build and Maintain a Secure Network

Freedom vs. Control

BYOD–The Hottest Trend or Just the Hottest Term

In 5 Minutes or Less - FirePass SSL VPN XML Configuration Export

Surfing the Surveys: Cloud, Security and those Pesky Breaches

Kids and their Dot Coms

Hey You, Get Off-ah My Cloud!

RSA2012 & Pulse2012 Video Outtakes/Bloopers Double Feature

Pulse2012 - That's a Wrap

Pulse2012 - Interview with Virtual Bridges

Pulse2012 Partner Spotlight - PhoneFactor

Pulse2012 - Verde VDI Remote Access

Pulse2012 - BIG-IP SSL Offload

Pulse2012 - How F5 Optimizes IBM Solutions

Pulse2012 - F5 Solutions for IBM

Pulse2012 - Find F5 Booth E404

RSA 2012 - That's a Wrap

RSA 2012 Partner Spotlight - FIREMON

RSA 2012 Partner Spotlight- SecureAuth

RSA 2012 - F5 Product Development Security

RSA 2012 - F5 MDM Solutions

RSA 2012 - BIG-IP Data Center Firewall Solution

RSA 2012 - Interview with Jeremiah Grossman

RSA 2012 - Find F5 Booth 2147

RSA 2012 - Welcome to San Francisco

IPExpo London Presentations

2011 Telly Award Winner - The F5 Dynamic Data Center

Ode to FirePass

Working with One of Top Ten Women in the Cloud

New iOS Edge Client

Does Social Media Reflect Society?

5 Stages of a Data Breach

Vulnerability Assessment with Application Security

Evolving (or not) with Our Devices

ICSA Certified Network Firewall for Data Centers

Security’s Rough Ride

Cloud Security With FedRAMP

355 Shopping Days Left

And a couple special holiday themed entries from years past.

e-card Malware

X marks the Games



Blog Roll 2011

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Published Dec 17, 2012
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