BIG-IQ 5.2 Centralized Management - Security Overview

Because adding more boxes increases complexity, you need ways to simplify system management. That’s where BIG-IQ Centralized Management comes in. From licensing to policies, traffic to security, you’ll see it all from a single pane of glass.

In this video, I present how to start a BIG-IQ CM with its Data Collector Device. Then I explain how to enable Centralized Management for ASM and APM.

For an APM standpoint, I demonstrate how to sychronise policies and how to make changes on this policy. 

For an ASM standpoint, I demonstrate how to create, synchronise a policy and how to centralize the analytics and logs.


Published Jul 03, 2017
Version 1.0

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  • Hi,


    Very useful video. I wonder if you can help with figuring out plans about certificate management. Right now when you import LTM config all certificates are Unmanaged. To convert them to Managed it's necessary to manually import certificate, key or chain file (probably first exporting from BIG-IP).


    That is a bit tedious way, so I wonder if it will stay like that in future releases or some option to import actual files is planned. I can understand problems when key files are involved - security and as well password protection, but at for certificates or chain files there should be no security or technical limitation to import - as far as I know BIG-IQ uses both REST API over HTTPS as well as SSH to communicate with BIG-IPs.


    If importing is not planned maybe you are aware of any scripts that could automate certificate related files transfer from BIG-IPs to BIG-IQ?