BIG-IP ASM brings home the gold at RSAC 2015

This year at RSA, all eyes were on F5 BIG-IP ASM.  In case you missed it, the F5 booth donned trophies from both NSS labs and SC Magazine – awards validating ASM's position as a market leading WAF technology.  SC Magazine awarded F5 it’s ‘Readers' Choice Award for Best Web Application Solution’.  NSS provided F5 a trophy for receiving the coveted “Recommended” status, awarded to the industry’s top Web Application Firewall (WAF) vendors performing well during NSS Labs independent product and comparative analysis tests.  Coveted, yes! Not every ‘leader’ in the WAF market received such honor.  ASM stands out from competitive solutions when it comes to performance and throughput, DAST integration and virtual patching, Bot protection, in-depth programmability of iRules, and for its ability to run multiple instances on a single platform.

F5 has invested time and resources to continue furthering their strategy for delivering leading WAF technology and application protection solutions.  At RSAC2015 F5 launched the F5 Silverline Web Application Firewall, built on BIG-IP ASM and provided as part of the F5 Silverline cloud-based application services platform.  The new WAF service is wholly deployed, set up, and managed by the highly specialized experts in F5 Security Operations Center.  This comes at a time when companies are seeking WAF technologies that support hybrid application deployment models and which provide advanced protections with more in-depth visibility and reporting without compromising performance. With ASM’s leading technology, organizations gain assurance knowing that the WAF technology they have come to rely on in the datacenter provides greater efficiency and effectiveness in deploying and managing policies beyond the datacenter - to protect apps wherever they reside.  This is certainly is food for thought if you are looking to turn up the throttle on application protection.

Feel free to reach out to me with any question?  I encourage you to learn more about F5 Silverline and BIG-IP ASM.


Published Apr 30, 2015
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