Advanced Firewall Manager Roundtable Discussion

In this video, I am joined by David Holmes, Brian McHenry, and Jason Rahm to discuss some of the new and exciting features of the F5 Advanced Firewall Manager.  Check out the video to see the answer to questions like:

  • Why did F5 build a network firewall if the BIG-IP is inherently a default-deny device?
  • How does the AFM protect against DDoS attacks?
  • Why would you want to manage idle timeouts all in the same policy?
  • What type of protection does the AFM provide against DNS (or other UDP) attacks?
  • How does the AFM automatically update your firewall policy based on IP reputation data? 


Check out the video below for all the answers to these questions...and more! 


Published Feb 04, 2016
Version 1.0

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