5 Ways to Use Node.js in the Network

I once said on stage at Glue that the reason I loved node.js was, quite frankly, that it's a language and with a programming language you can do, well, anything.

But like most things just because you can, doesn't always mean you should. When it comes to business, there absolutely must be valid technical or business reasons why you'd do something like, say, put node.js in the network.

Now I've written in the past about using programmability in the network and specifically about how it can be used to implement all sorts of DevOpsy* related patterns like Canary Deployments, Blue-Green Deployments and Traffic Replication, among others. But today I thought we'd take a look at how you might use node.js in the network to do, well, less deployment pattern architectures and more app-oriented things like Y-axis scalability, error handling  and data scrubbing.

But rather than write a long drawn out discussion I figured you'd much rather flip through a compact presentation complete with simple but descriptive diagrams.

So without further ado, you are welcome to relax, make sure your seat back and computer screen are in their full upright position, and flip through at your convenience "5 Ways to Use Node in the Network." 



* Yes, I do do that on purpose. No, no I won't stop.

Published Dec 08, 2014
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