Community Highlights, Week 33, '22

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Forum post highlights:

Kevin_Davies and Patrik_Jonsson had a discussion about the best way to add a timestamp to an iRule over on catoverflow's question  (also, catoverflow is my new favorite username)

amirm asked for advice about the most stable TMOS versions for i5800, and StephanManthey weighed in


HM_U333 solved their own problem, and came back to share the solution to being unable to install a software image on a vcmp host with the community. Love seeing users help other users like this when they don't have to!


Unanswered questions:

STANISLIVE thinks they might have a cookie issue

Looking for more people to weigh in, Y4ssine wants to know if they should specialize in Go or Python for F5 stuff - weigh in with your opinion!

DifanZ still needs help with 


Notable solutions:

F5 Sirt's very own AaronJB stepped in to help SalishSeaSecurity  with managing false WAF positives in policy 

Updated Aug 23, 2022
Version 2.0

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