Community Highlights, Week 28+29, '22

Apologies for missing last week's scheduled Community Highlights! There were a lot of great answers to questions, and I'm sorry I couldn't highlight them all below. For folks asking questions - please make sure to highlight answers that resolve your issue by clicking on the little arrow in the top right of a response box, and clicking on Accept As Solution. This way, other users with your same issue can quickly find resolution, and the person who provided the answer gets points that contribute to badges and their rank here on DevCentral. 🙂

Tip: earn badges and increase your rank by responding to articles and questions

Forum post highlights:

Juan_Carlos_Rom asked for help with an iRule they wrote, and candc  and Enes_Afsin_Al  both chimed in to help.

Ustrum ran into an issue with enabling ASM profiles, and CA_Valli  recognized it and came through with the right link.

Giorgio_Serafin is prepping for an exam and wanted to double-check his answerEmad verified it and gave the logic behind the correct answer. 

PG0581 asked for help with syntax, and Mayur_Sutare confirmed the syntax and offered an additional suggestion of messaging to an unwanted IP. 

The-messenger asked and came back to answer their own question (thanks for closing the loop!)


Unanswered questions:

ushan wants to learn about HA configuration of Big-IP from Big-IQ 


Notable solutions:

 Tamer-Zain shared a link to his Arabic-language series of videos about F5 solutions (click see his overview of BIG-IP!)

Juergen_Mang shared their script to decrypt TLS on the F5 v15+  

Published Jul 26, 2022
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