Community Highlights, Week 1 '23

Little late this week, as I catch up after the holidays - which, I sincerely hope everyone has been enjoying. I also hope that everyone's new year (by the Gregorian calendar, anyway) has started smoothly. 



We've just announced the new group of DevCentral MVPs! You'll recognize some of the names if you've spent any time looking for answers in the Technical Forum, so please consider this an open invitation to join my team in thanking this wonderful group of engineers for their help by leaving a comment on the article. 

Tip of the week:

To tag someone (for example, when replying to them and you want to make sure they see your question or comment), type @ and their username to see the dropdown, and select the username you want. When I start typing @Lief, the following appears. I simply select his name, and it is automatically inserted to the text. 

Summon LiefZimmerman! (I may be a little power-crazy after tagging so many people today. It'll pass)


Forum post highlights: 

MegaZone gave us some interesting insight into Why We CVE

Jordan_Zebor shared his super-useful article on Avoiding Common iRules Security Pitfalls

Unanswered questions:

Notable solutions:


Weekly stats (excluding F5 employees):

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Published Jan 05, 2023
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