Virtual Server Pool Member Status And Control

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This Windows app will allow you to view Virtual Server pools (or system wide pools) and control their members.

The Virtual Server Pool Member Status iControl app allows you to connect to your BIG-IP and retrieve all the virtual servers, their associated pools, and the members of those pools. It also allows you to access the system pools that may or may not be associated with a virtual server.

Published Mar 09, 2015
Version 1.0

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  • This is great one to work with LTM, is there similar for GTM's ? With GTM's it would nice to switch DC's using such a utility.


    VSStatus.vshost This exe does not work for me, what is this for ?


    VSStatus - This one works fine.


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    I am using partitions and common partition doesn't have any vserver or pool... I ran above tool and it doesn't show anything..


    Do I need to change icontrol to accommodate those partitions?