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Problem this snippet solves:

The purpose of the NAT Maker tool is to add or delete a list of NATs.

The file bigip-config.ylm contains the information about the BIG-IP that the tool is to connect to. It needs to be updated with the name and IP address of the BIG-IP as well as the username and password of the administrator account on the BIG-IP.

The file LocalLB.NAT.WSDL defines the NAT section of iControl. This WSDL was used to generate some classes used this tool. It also needs to be updated. The 4th to last line in this file is

< soap:address location="https://:443/iControl/iControlPortal.cgi"/>

This line needs to be altered to use the IP address of the actual BIG-IP to which this script will connect.

How to use this snippet:

Tool Usage

Add a list of NATs

NATMaker.rb -a inputfile

Delete a list of NATs

NATMaker.rb -d inputfile

Delete all NATs

NATMaker.rb -dd

Note: The input file should consist of a series of NATs, each on its own line. A NAT is defined by two IP addresses separated by a space. The first address is the origin address, and the second is the translation address.

Code :

# missing file
Updated Jun 06, 2023
Version 2.0

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