pyControl adding BIG-IP to DC for GTM

Problem this snippet solves:

This script adds a bigip to a DC on GTM. This script can be used for any server type by modifing the srever_type and the monitor type.

Code :

#This scripted is for adding a BIGIP to a datacenter. You can utilize
#it to add any type of server to a datacenter. This scrip is pass
#fail. #there is no explicite errorchecking. #

import pycontrol.pyControl as pyControl

#import sys #import sys, traceback

#Create the BigIP object

b = pyControl.BIGIP(hostname   = '',
                    username   = 'admin',
                    password   = 'admin',
                    wsdl_files = ['GlobalLB.Server']

d = b.GlobalLB_Server

#this secontion addes a bigip or server to a datacenter 
# if you want to add another type of server all you have to do is
# change the types=value

                        servers = [{'addresses': [{'addresses_on_unit': [''],
                                    'unit_id': 1}],
                                    'server': 'test_bigip12'}],
                        types = ['SERVER_TYPE_BIGIP_STANDALONE'], 
                        data_centers = ['pyControl-DC']

        print "Server was created  and added to a datacenter"

except:      print "Server Creation failed. Check log."

#Since this is a bigIP we are going to associate the BigIP health monitor 


 d.set_monitor_association (
monitor_associations = [{'monitor_rule': {'monitor_templates': ['bigip'],
                                         'quorum': 0,
                                         'type': 'MONITOR_RULE_TYPE_SINGLE'},
                                         'server_name': 'test_bigip12'}]
 print "Monitor was applied to server"
except:      print "Monitor failed to be applied. Check log."
Published Mar 09, 2015
Version 1.0

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