pyControl Add VS to Server on GTM

Problem this snippet solves:

This script adds a Virtual server to a Server on GTM

Code :

import pycontrol.pyControl as pyControl

b = pyControl.BIGIP(hostname   = '',
                    username   = 'admin',
                    password   = 'admin',
                    wsdl_files = ['GlobalLB.VirtualServer']

d = b.GlobalLB_VirtualServer
###here we add a VS to a server. 

                virtual_servers =  [{'address': '', 'name': 'v_host1', 'port': 80}],

                                    servers = ['test_bigip12'],    
        print "VS was created  and added to a Server"

except:      print "VS Creation failed. Check log."
Published Mar 09, 2015
Version 1.0

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