Ps ARX Monitor

Problem this snippet solves:

These examples show how to use PowerShell to monitor an ARX through the iControl interfaces. The attached zip file includes the following scripts

  1. libArxApi.ps1 is the common library used by all examples.
  2. arxApiCpu.ps1 monitors the ARX CPU usages.
  3. arxApiVolume.ps1 monitors the ARX volumes.
  4. arxApiVs.ps1 monitors the ARX virtual services.
  5. csv.ps1 is an utility to merge multiple csv files generated by the above examples into one.

How to use this snippet:

Run arxApiCpu.ps1, arxApiVolume.ps1 and arxApiVs.ps1 without arguments, and they will print out the usage.


  1. Powershell 2.0 or later
  2. iControl-ARX assembly 6.02 or later.
  3. The common library at c:\dev\ps\libArxApi.ps1.
  4. An F5 ARX system running release V6.02.000 or later.
  5. Management access on the ARX must be permitted for HTTPs-API or HTTP-API services.
Updated Jun 06, 2023
Version 2.0

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