Perl iControl iApp Deployment

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These Perl iControl scripts allows for the creation and deletion of HTTP iApps. It is based on another DevCentral script of similar function, though this version is further developed as follows:

  • Allows for an arbitrary number of pool members to be specified
  • Allows for a small number of configuration parameters to be specified (monitor send/receive, virtual server/pool member ports)
  • Saves the BIG-IP configuration to disk once the iApp has been created
  • Provides a "usage" statement and utilizes Getopt to handle command line options:

Code :


To CREATE an app:
            script-name --appname  --virtualaddress  \
                            [--virtualport ] \
                            [--poolport ] --poolmembers  \
                            [--monitor_send <"monitor send string">] [--monitor_receive <"monitor expect string">]

To DELETE an app:
            script-name --appname  --delete

     Virtual server port and pool member port default to 80 if not specified

     Monitor Send String defaults to "/" and Recieve String defaults to blank value
Published Mar 08, 2015
Version 1.0

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