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Problem this snippet solves:

A small example of how to use pycontrol v2 to create a parition. Change the partition name and description to suit your needs.

How to use this snippet:

After changing the partition name and description, do: create_partition.py hostname username password

Code :

#!/bin/env python

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import sys
import pycontrol.pycontrol as pc
import time

#Uncomment below to see how to log with pycontrol2/suds

#import logging
# Or, pass in debug=True to the pycontrol constructor.

Example of how to create a partition from pycontrol v.2. This example passes in
the  'fromurl' keyword as True (default is False), which tells pycontrol
to fetch the WSDL from the remote BigIP. 

This script will create a partition named pycontrol2.

This example is also a good starting point for learning how to handle types in

if pc.__version__ == '2.0':
    print "Requires pycontrol version 2.x!"

if len(sys.argv) < 4:
    print "Usage %s ip_address username password" % sys.argv[0]

a = sys.argv[1:]

# The constructor is similar to the original pyControl.
# Note the change from wsdl_files to wsdls, which makes more sense.
p = pc.BIGIP(
        hostname = a[0],
        username = a[1],
        password = a[2],
        fromurl = True,
        wsdls = ['Management.Partition'])

# Output from printing "b.Management.Partition.create_partition.params" is:
# (partitions, u'Management.Partition.AuthZPartitionSequence'),
# so we know we'll need to create an object  of
# Management.Partition.AuthZPartition, set its parameters, then pass it in
# as a sequence (python list).

# Generate the object via typefactory.
part = p.Management.Partition.typefactory.create('Management.Partition.AuthZPartition')

# Modify the attributes.
part.partition_name = 'pycontrol2'
part.description = 'Made via pycontrol2!'

# Now create it. It's as simple as:
p.Management.Partition.create_partition(partitions = [part])

# Let's check and see if our partition is in the list now.
res = p.Management.Partition.get_partition_list()

for x in res:
    if 'pycontrol2' in x.partition_name[0]:
        print "Created partition %s, with description: %s" % (x.partition_name[0], x.description[0])

# Now, if we run this again, we'll get an informative(!) exception:

#suds.WebFault: Server raised fault: 'Exception caught in Management__urn:iContro l:Management/Partition__create_partition()-->
#Exception: Common__OperationFailed
#        primary_error_code   : 16908343 (0x01020037)
#        secondary_error_code : 0
#        error_string         : 01020037
Published Mar 08, 2015
Version 1.0

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  • I get the error below, any suggestions


    part = p.Management.Partition.typefactory.create('Management.Partition.AuthZ Partition') Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\f5\bigip\mixins.py", line 102, in getatt r raise AttributeError(error_message) AttributeError: 'f5.bigip.BigIP'>' object has no attribute 'Management'