Multiple HTTP Redirect w/ load balancing and monitoring request

Problem this snippet solves:

The goal is to even distribute HTTP Request via redirect to clients requesting a web server (i.e. URL).

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Hi F5 Crew,

I am toying with a few HTTP::redirect and monitor combos. I need some help validating my creation. It works in my stand alone VM Workstation set up. However, I getting mix results with Code 11.2.1 and above on several dev labs. Also, I substituted the URL/URI with node addresses (i.e., etc.) - no DNS set up, which works the same.

Code :

     set rand [expr { rand() }]
     if { [active_members MY_POOL] > 1 } {
         set rand [expr { rand() }]
           if { $rand < 0.50 } {
      } elseif { $rand > 0.50 } {

Tested this on version:

Published Mar 15, 2017
Version 1.0

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