Location Via Cookie Header

Problem this snippet solves:

The following irule is a way to add a cookie header signifying a location of where the application is hosted. This can be used by CDNs such as Akamai that need to know the location of the requests if you have a distributed content hosting model.

Code :

  set urihead [HTTP::host]
# set the value for location in the cookie
  set loc [HTTP::cookie "location"] 

# checks to see if there is a west location or a no cookie value
# If you want to check if there is a east location
 if { $loc == "" } {
  HTTP::cookie insert name "location" value "west" 
  HTTP::cookie expires "location" 1209600 relative
  HTTP::cookie path "location" /
  HTTP::cookie domain "location" $urihead
Published Mar 18, 2015
Version 1.0

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