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  • I am trying to use this iapp with version 12.0 and get error (01020036:3: The requested customization_group (/Common/SWG_DCAgent.app/SWG_DCAgent_apm_HTTP_401_response) was not found) When trying to create the application.
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    Hi pkwilly, thanks for your insight. We just uploaded v1.0.3, which should fix the issue you are running into on BIG-IP v12.0. Let us know if you have any additional trouble or questions.
  • Hi,


    I tried to use this iapp on 11.6.1 but it shows an error


    The requested customization_group (/Common/IFmap.app/IFmap_apm_HTTP_401_response_ag) was not found.


    Is it not compatible with 11.6.1?




  • Same error message with 11.5.4 HF6. Any updates on this?


  • Is there an older version of this iapp that is compatible with v11.6.1? Or does anyone have any documentation that shows how to manually configure what this iapp does?