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Dec 01, 2022

Review of new/changed Codeshares takes too much time :-(

Hi DevCentral Team,

The mandatory "review" step is slighly annoying and somehow kills the dynamic of Codeshares. Why do I have to wait a few days till the CodeShare is published and why do I have to wait another few days to correct a simple typo?


iRule based RADIUS Health Monitor Builder - DevCentral (f5.com)

The Github link at the buttom of the Codeshare got somehow broken during initial publishing.  I immediately corrected the link, but now having to wait another couple days till its review is done?

Why even review a CodeShare if such broken links are not detected before approving it?

Cheers, Kai




  • Status changed:

    Agree Kai_Wilke 

    Patrik_Jonsson - you and I worked through this at one time or another correct? Or it was a suggestion you made somewhere I think?

    Kai - you may have noticed some updates to your codeshare (I didn't actually change any content TBF) as I was testing what I *THOUGHT* would work. But it didn't - I'll have to reserve some time with a dev to get to the bottom of this.

    Plan is to resolve this for MVPs for both CodeShare and Community Articles.
    We still get some SPAM and mis-appropriated content in CodeShare / Community articles that having an approval step helps keep that from getting out of hand.

  • Yes, seen that one too.

    Feels like I've hit every bug there is on the code share. On each platform. 😂



  • Status changed:

    Well - thanks Kai_Wilke for submitting this suggestion.
    And - Patrik_Jonsson I looked and couldn't locate an earlier suggestion record or conversation on this between us but couldn't find it. Either way, thanks for putting up with it.

    The bad news is I don't always have a way to solve our problems.
    Good news is, in this case I did solve the problem - MVPs (and Admins) are now able to Create/Publish, Edit/Publish (in CodeShare and Community Articles) without having to wait for approval by community Admins.

    Marking as Delivered.

  • You are welcome Kai.
    I did get a little bit over my ski's on this one and after a review with the team I'm modifying the permissions just a little bit.
    End result - you will still be able to Create/Publish/Edit/Publish in Codeshare - the most critical use-case.
    But Community Articles will stay an "approval required" destination for all.