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Apr 17, 2023

Starship Launching in 45 minutes!!

I've been a fan of all things air and space since I can remember. Lego models, plastic models of air and space craft, Estes model rockets I'd shoot off with my dad at a friend's nearby farm. the thrills of the space shuttle launches, the tragedy of the shuttles that didn't make it home, the excitement of mars rovers, the crew dragon trips on falcon 9 to the ISS and the James Webb telescope...the journey continues!

The SpaceX era has been awesome. Their openness in innovation and the video and telemetry views into launches has made every launch appointment theater, and their landing boosters makes my heart smile. Reading along the way about their transition to this methane powered rocket engine and getting to see all the test fires...I can't get enough to live vicariously through the SpaceX engineering story.

In just a few minutes, their years of hard work will culminate in the first launch attempt of starship, can't wait!! What memories of air and space engineering and innovation stand out for you?