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May 13, 2022

I have decided to dust off my dormant F5 lab - suggestions welcome

A long time ago I built myself a multiuser F5 lab. Based on my ATC experiences I tried to include enough material to make it useful. It was fun and useful endeavour. So this lab still exists in hibernation on my hardware and i've decided its time to rebuild this to modern standards.  This time I want it to be built on demand using templates. Deploy various BIG-IP versions with or without (config restores) using my existing licensing. Then the ability to deploy kubernetes cluster and containers with various applications for a users use. Essentially the F5 professional selects the combination of products that he wants when he books the lab. Then just prior to his access being enabled it builds and deploys his product configuration.. When his session is finished it saves the  lab configuration and his configuration to a blob stored under his name and he is provided a reference so he can specify it next booking or even trigger part of it during a lab. All of this run through an API driven calendar booking system using SSO across the lab environment.  None of it requires human intervention, powered by low cost hardware and all of it free.