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Mar 03, 2022

DevCentral Connects Question of the Week: What's one skill everyone should have?

On today's show, I posed the title question to both buulam and Jenn_Gile. Here's what we had to say:

  • Buu: Budgeting! Wasn't covered in school and really could have used the help.
  • Jenn: Curiosity! That goes a long way to fleshing out gaps in understanding and training.
  • My take? Humility. Pride keeps us from learning, growing, relating, humble enough to let others know you need help, it's totally disarming and helps everyone, encourage mentorship on one side and apprenticeship on the other, even if in small doses.

Your turn: What's your one skill everyone should have?


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  • Critical thinking. Helps to analyze situations, perform research and ultimately it helps to solve problems.

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      that's a good one! Do you have a go-to resource to sharpen that skill?

      • Thanks Jason! I can recommend three books. At the time I read them I found them remarkable, because they discuss different ways to understand the origin of problems (or events).

        • Thinking in systems by Donella H. Meadows
        • The black swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
        • Drift into failure by Sidney Dekker

        Those a not really secret hints. All three books have been popular on some bestseller lists.
        All of them were useful to challenge and adapt my own approach to look at problems.

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    you’re not a big fan of the kitchen, have a few low-effort dishes in your repertoire you feel confident whipping up. Even if it’s just macaroni and cheese, the ability to cook a meal and eat it is a necessary life skill—it’ll save you when your favorite takeout restaurant is closed for a holiday, there’s no time to go to the store, or in the midst of a global pandemic