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Jan 31, 2022

Citrix being acquired by Private Equity firms Vista and Evergreen/Elliott for $16.5B

Citrix to be acquired by Vista and Evergreen/Elliott in a $16.5B all-cash deal, will be merged with Tibco to create SaaS powerhouse

Personal thoughts - curious as to others thoughts. I think the writing has been on the wall for this with Elliott having stepped in a few years ago, and mentioned recently again.

Over the years, I'd worked with a number of F5 customers who had significant implementations of Citrix for VDI but I would see VMware increasingly take market share over time. And, with everything shifting to SaaS, it's been clear that the need of having to provide virtualized apps or virtualized desktops to employees was decreasing.

Admittedly, I haven't kept up with whether Citrix has done anything significant outside of their core business. There has been the GoTo business that came and went. Besides that, I am curious on how vaiable everyone thinks combining with TIBCO will be and what the combined company will be able to bring to the market?

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  • I'm not so certain that VDI has decreased over the years... in fact I tend to see a trend where VDI is using public cloud native services... Reason? It's a nice way to have the desktop in an environment with access to servers (like the old bastion/jumpbox scenarios) - while remote access is taken care of using standard federation and endpoint detection methods. Benefits? BYOD with browser into cloud type scenarios for any desktop type needs.