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Jul 04, 2022

XFF for retaining client's Original IP

Hello Experts,

I need your help to get the issue sorted on my end. I've been looking for a solution to retain client's Original IP address instead of SNAT IP address. Have gone through few articels on XFF and I couldn;t understand.  Appreciate if anyone can please help me with this issue, as this seems to be prolong one. Is it possible to check the client's original IP on f5 itself or in F5 Logging or anywhere in var logs?

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  • Hi,

    Keep in mind that a.) XFF will only work for HTTP traffic, b.) the VS needs to have the HTTP profile assigned to it, c.) the application (or device) receiving the traffic must correctly interpret the XFF HTTP Header.

    You can search the system's connection table to find associated client-side & server-side flows. This way you can i.e. see all server-side connections for a specific client IP address; or find out which real client IP addresses are connected to a particular node or pool member.

    Please refer to the following for more info on working with the connection table:

    K53851362: Displaying and deleting BIG-IP connection table entries from the command line

    K40033505: Explaining the output of tmsh show sys connection


    You can also use tcpdump to i.e. capture traffic on the server-side connection related to a client-side IP address:
    K20233108: Running the tcpdump utility using the p interface modifier
    Hope this helps.
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      Hello Nützmann,

      Thank you for your reply, really appreciate that. I'm actually looking for logs which are a week older or 10 days older and has the information about the client's original IP address or the client's true IP address. Is there a way we can do some customization or configuration on F5 to store those logs in var/log folder or to send it to some external syslog server? I know XFF work for only HTTP VS and then we need to configure the web server to extract the IP address from the HTTP header, but need to check the older logs which has the true client IP address.

      can we tune F5 settings to send the logs which have the client True IP address to any syslog server or to store the logs on f5 itself in var/log for auditing or troubleshooting. Any further help on this would really help me. Thank you again for your kind support. Have a good day sir! 

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        You may want to configure a remote syslog server in System >> Logs : Remote Server

        Now you can use an iRule to log each incoming http-request:

        when HTTP_REQUEST {
            log local0. "method=[HTTP::method];path=[HTTP::path];client_ip=[IP::client_addr]"

        Log facility local0. writes into the /var/log/ltm and logs will be replicated to the remote syslog server as well.

        The logs on the BIG-IP are rotated each day around 3 AM, compressed and removed on the 10th day or earlier, if they are too large.

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      Hello Zain,

      I have many virtual server and configuring all backend server to extract the IP address from HTTP header would be too difficult. I 'm looking for an alternative to get the Client's true IP or Original IP address without having to configure any thing on the backend server. I would need something to do on F5 itself to get the original IP address.