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Aug 29, 2020

What's a good solution for LDAP, MFA and SSO for modern applications?

BIG-IP APM can provide IdM(LDAP) connection. And can also act as an SAML IdP like Using APM as a SAML IdP SSO portal.

Also there is an example as Configuration Example: BIG-IP APM as SAML IdP for Amazon Web Services.


We want to use a centralized IdM service for application like Jira. We can comparing with F5 BIG-IP ARM, Keycloak and Jira's SAML SP Plugin service to make them together.


Maybe it's possible:

  • Use BIG-IP ARM connect IdM + Jira SAML Plugin(With SSO and MFA auth features) to connect Jira application
  • Use Jira SAML Plugin(With SSO and MFA auth features) + Jira application to connect IdM directly. -> Most simple
  • Use BIG-IP ARM + Keycloak(with SSO and MFA) + IdM(with LDAP) + Jira application -> This maybe overwork.
  • Use Keycloak + IdM(LDAP) + Jira application -> Need to onboard users from IdM to Keycloak, also maybe overwork.

So which one is the best solution?


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