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May 02, 2022

WAF generic detection signatures

Hi All,

I found something strange with the signature set Generic Detection Signatures (High/Medium Accuracy) assigned to the ASM policies.

This signature sets claims to include the following systems.

Systems: General Database, Various systems, System Independent, JavaScript

However when I compare the total of signatures of each system in the attack signature list available on the system it does not match the total of the signatures assigned to the ASM policy.

For example

2556 System Independent 1932 on ASM policy
24 Various systems same on ASM policy
708 general database 391 on ASM policy

Strange thing that for example signature 200022004 was assigned to the ASM policy but after live update of the signatures not anymore.

Could someone clarify the content of the generic signature set and why arent all the signatures of sytem independent, various systems and general database included?