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May 28, 2024

Virtual server makes distribution. how can I see the forwarding traff in detail

Hello ,

I have one virtual server for distributing traffic to the other virtual server.  I use one policy to select bakc end virtual server. 

Is there any way to see while forwarding traffic, which parameters is sent to backend Vs. 

for example : 

my vs IP

clientsslprofs : abc.zz.client_ssl_prof


 serverlsslprof: serverssl          

and policy: entry 1: if host is any of: abc.zz forward VS: a.b.c.zz_vs

                  entry 2 if host is any of : ttt.fte forward VS: t.t.t.tfe_vs


Traf between Client1  --> abc.zz

                      Client2 --> ttt.tfe


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  • Hi Ozzy, I'm sorry but I'm getting lost here, where is the traffic policy applied? Is there a total of 3 Virtual Server objects? 

    In a scenario like the one you described, where a single IP resolves multiple FQDNs, I'm used to just applying all client-ssl profiles to a single Virtual Server, paying attention to settings : 

    • specifying the SNI on all clientssl profiles,
    • checking only one of them as "default SNI"
    • matching cipher suites on all profiles.


    Then, I'd usually use an iRule to perform pool selection, based on the HTTP::host information