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Dec 19, 2010

Virtual Server diagraming via BCV revisited

I had recently been doing some stuff in iControl via Perl/SOAP::Lite. I have previously used the bcv 1.16 script posted on DevCentral to diagram Virtual Servers. I noticed it no longer works with higher versions of TMOS so I re-wrote it and used iControl instead of trying to parse the configuration file(s) directly.



Please note that others may see code they wrote in this script as I incorporated good ideas from the codeshare into the script. I'd call this Beta as I know there are sub routines in the script that aren't used and a few things that perlcritic complains about though they shouldn't be a big deal.




Feel free to use, comment, post ideas, and share with others.





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  • Posted By Jason Rahm on 12/27/2010 09:11 AM


    Nice! Mind if I add this to the codeshare?


    By all means if someone wishes to use it, share it, whatever. I use many ideas and code snippets from the codeshare and it is proper that my work return there if found useful.


  • Hey Russell, finally got around to publishing this to the wiki:


  Click Here



    I also wrote up the steps to get it going in a tech tip:


  Click Here




    Thanks for the excellent contribution!