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Nov 09, 2022

Verify change in behavior for (major) software updates

Dear all,

I can remember there was a cool feature within ihealth, where you could perform some kind of simulation for a software update and the output was telling you, which of your configuration items needs to be adjusted before/after the change and where is a change in behavior. This was removed I think already several years ago 😞
Therefor my question, is there something similar available or what's the latest recommendation from F5 for a major software update (e.g. from 13.1.5 to 16.x) to check any "conflicts" with the existing configuration.

Thank you!

Regards Stefan 🙂

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  • Hi Stefan_Klotz ,  
             I faced your request before with our customers , I usually ask F5 support before a big major upgrade and wait their recommendation. 

    - Several times I got stuck in Bugs related to Conflicts with the targeted version Features and Current version configuration which made me to rollback my upgrade and downgrade again , Or  requesting HotFixes. 
    - it is important to make sure that there are not Conflicts with your current Configurations.

  • you're thinking upgrade advisor me thinks, and yes, that is highly requested and missed. Best practice at this point is spending time in the release notes and ask knowledge on default behavior changes in the path you're upgrading through, and opening a case with your plan of attack so support can highlight any gotchas you might face.