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Aug 23, 2011

Use config from HA-pair with lab license




We're planning to set up a test/lab environment for our load balanced applications using a big-ip VE lab license.



Our production environment is 2 LTM with HA.



I would like to do tests using the configuration from the production LTMs.



Would it be possible to copy the configuration from our production LTMs over to the single lab licensed big-ip VE?






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  • You can copy one LTM config to your VE to test. I'd probably try exporting the config to an SCF (using b export config.scf) and then edit that and load it on your VE. You can then merge the config portions you want to test using 'b merge config.scf' on VE. Make sure the VE unit is set to standalone unit under System | Platform after importing the config.