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Feb 14, 2011

Urgent Help! Please! TACACS ROLES



I have setup TACACS on F5 but having one problem. I have defined "Admin" and "Guest" groups on F5, so whenever I logged into F5, I get "bigpipe shell" prompt. How I can get full prompt access? I want to get prompt like when I use "Admin" account. Which role should I define from following under each group?



0- Administrator


20- Resource Administrator


40 - User Manager


100- Manager


300 -Application Editor


400 -Operator


700- Guest


800- Application Security Policy Editor


900- None



My remoterole Command is like below---


b remoterole role info admin '{


attribute "F5-LTM-User-Info-1=admin"


role administrator


user partition all


console enable


deny disable


line order 1





b remote role info guest '{


attribute "F5-LTM-User-Info-1=Guest"


role guest


user partition all


console enable


deny disable


line order 2






Thank you.


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  • I believe you're running into this:





    You can likely dump the users into bpsh or tmsh but not bash. A user will have to manually jump into bash per the steps above.
  • Hi Chris,


    I saw the article and ask to use "!bin/bash" but its giving me following error





    BIGpipe parsing error:


    012e0008:3: The requested command (!/bin/bash) is invalid



    Any other idea?




  • Hi Chris,


    I checked with other LTM and the Command is working, I think the specific LTM is having some problem. Thanks for your help.