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Jun 19, 2023

Units of AVR basic data?

Hey,   Please refer to below webpage. Exporting data from AVR ( This article has AVR basic data in the below format: { "hostname": "telemetry-bigip-14-0.localhost", "errdefs_msgno"...
  • Hi pradeep_kumar1 , 

    I recommend something for avgCPU/MAXCPU : 

    While collecting the above statistics ,
    Navigate this tab : 
    Statistics >> Analystics >> Choose CPU . 
    you will see cpu graph contains CPU in percentage % . 

    For the Example Above " AvgCpu = 5487" 
    I believe that this number should be normalized to ( 54.87 % ) and this should be the CPU percentage. 
    If you looked at "HealthCPU=54" and so on.

    AVR analytics CPU Values is the the total avarage of CPU per Cores. 

    If you configured a publisher for AVR basic Data , you can test it and compare the received values of Avgcpu with the one on bigip ( Statistics >> Analystics >> Choose CPU .) you should find both of values equal but with normalizing AvgCpu to percentage %. 

    Please test it and keep me updated to add this in my info.