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Nov 28, 2023

Transparent proxy virtual servers

Can please help how we can create virtual server as transparent proxy. There is a requirement to create the VS without SSL and the backend server needs be authenticate the request via actual client IP.

Understand that we can use XFF header but http profile is required with SSL termination. Is there any other way we can achive with passthrough VS? Thanks.

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  • Hi Nandhi,

    Without an http profile you can´t modify http headers or manipulate others, so the only possibility is that your F5 be the default gateway for your servers and then create a couple of forwarding VS VS for TCP and UDP to return traffic to the clients.

    Hope it works.

  • Certainly! You can use Tableau trial again by signing up with a different account. However, be sure to review Tableau's terms of service to ensure compliance. Creating multiple accounts solely for extended trial use violate their policies.